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Frequently asked questions and answers




1. Is registration obligatory?

A. Yes, all users are obliged to register with the website before accessing any information. Users are requested to read the terms of use carefully.

2. How to do the registration?

A. To register, the customer must click the register now button in the website home page and provide information like name, date of birth, telephone number, address etc.  The system registers the information provided by the users and creates an account.

3. Will my private information provided during registration be secured?

A. Yes, all the personal information provided by the customer during registration would be secured and would not be disclosed. BONNE SANTE HEALTHCARE takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all of the information collected will be kept in secured storage. Please read the terms of use and privacy policy carefully.

4. What is the minimum age requirement for registration?

A. The minimum age required for registration is 18 years.

5. How can I have my account deleted from the website?

A. To delete your account you have to mail or call up customer service and place a request for deleting the account from the website.


6. Can I make purchase without registration?

A. No, the customers cannot buy the product or use any other services offered without registration.

7. Can I buy products for less than Rs. 195/- per brand?

A. By buying for not less than Rs. 195/- per brand the customers are offered free delivery. The users cannot buy for less than Rs 195/ brand.

8. Will I get some discount/offer if I make bulk purchase?

A. For bulk purchases you need to call up customer service to negotiate discount offer.

9. Can the purchase once made be cancelled or exchanged with other products?

A. As per the terms of use, once the product purchase is made it cannot be cancelled or exchanged with other products.                


10. What modes of payments are accepted?

A. The customer can pay by the following listed methods. i) credit cards (visa/master) ii) Debit card (visa/master) iii) Paypayl and iv) netbanking.

11. What name will be mentioned in my credit card statement if I have to verify the payment?

A. The invoice will be in the name of Bonne Sante Healthcare and you need to look for Bonne Sante Healthcare in the credit card statement.

12. What is the proof that it is a secured transaction at your site?

A. The transaction process is 100% secure. The transactions are certified by Verisign. The payments are processed at the service providers HDFC and Techprocess where they have their own established security measures.

13. Can I make the payment by cash/cheque/DD?

A. No. Customers cannot make the payment by cash/cheque/DD. The modes of payment accepted are netbanking, paypal and by credit/debit cards of master and Visa.

14. How can I make payment with the help of customer service?

A. For getting help from customer service you can reach customer service at 04524231807 and get step by step details for making the payment. You can also email customer service at and get the required steps through mail.


15. Is the delivery free for all my orders?

A. All orders not less than Rs. 195/- per brand are delivered free of cost.

16. What is the maximum dispatch time for delivery?

A. All orders would be dispatched within 72 hours (3 business days) on successful payment.

17. Will the shipment delivered be discrete and secured?

A. Yes, all the products are packed very discreetly so that the content of the package is unknown and the dispatches are handled by renowned courier services to ensure secured delivery.

18. How can I receive the delivery when I am not at home?

A. If you are not available at home during delivery of product, then the courier person would contact you at your mobile number in the invoice and fix an appointment with you for dispatching the product. Alternatively, you can contact the courier company to establish a mutually convenient delivery arrangement.


19. Is it possible to track my order to find the status of shipment?

A. Yes, customers can track their order status by clicking the order tracking button in the website or by going to my account information. They can also call or chat with customer service to know the order status.

20. In the order status it shows delivered, but I did not receive the product? Whom should I contact, whether the customer service or courier service?

A. In case of discrepancies customers can contact the customer service and know about the status of shipment.

21. How do I know which courier service is engaged for the product delivery, so that if necessary I can contact them?

A. The customer service would send an email of the invoice which would have the details of the courier service, order tracking number and the information to contact the customer service to know about the shipment. You can also access the courier details by visiting my account page.

22. To whom should I complaint for damaged products and delayed delivery? Should I contact the courier service or customer service?

A. Customer can call customer service and log a complaint regarding damaged product or delayed delivery.

23. Is it necessary to give the ID proof while receiving the shipment?

A. Users are obliged to provide and establish ID proof when orders are delivered by courier companies.

24. Will the product be delivered to the concerned person or to anyone who resides in that address?

A. Deliveries can be received by any person, authorised by the buyer, who is residing in that shipping address. Also the receiver’s signature and the relationship of the receiver to the addressee would be entered in the POD (Proof Of Delivery).

25. Within how many days would a complaint be answered?

A. We try to answer the complaint as soon as possible. If in case the issue is too technically we take a maximum of 15 working days from the date of receipt of complaint.

26. Can I get the products shipped outside India?

A. No, currently the products cannot be shipped outside India.

27. I am residing in a remote village and I don’t receive any courier or posts here. Will I get the products at home or should I contact the nearest town as usual to get the product.

A. In areas where there is no postal service, the customer should inform the nearest post office about the arrival of the product for him and the shipping address should reflect this accordingly.

28. Can I get the product replaced if I had received wrong product/fewer products/damaged product? What is the procedure to replace it?

A. In the event of any problems with products delivered (wrong product/fewer product/damaged products) the customer needs to raise a complaint within 10 days from the receipt of goods as per the terms of use. On verifying the correctness of delivery, appropriate actions will be taken with respect to solving this problem.  


29. What can be considered as a complaint?

A. Any issue raised by the customer due to dissatisfaction, non-conformance of services or delivery of products can be considered as a complaint.

30. To whom the complaints must be addressed?

A. Any complaint related to product or services should be forwarded to customer service.

31. Would there be a ticket ID for complaint and would it be acknowledged by mail confirmation or by phone?

A. Yes, the customer would get reference number for the complaint and it would be confirmed by email or/and by phone.

32. Within how many days should a complaint be registered for product delivery issue? Is there a time frame above which the complaints cannot be taken into account?

A. Complaints related to partial delivery of product or delivery of defective products needs to be reported within 10 days of receipt of the product.

33. Where should we complaint, if the issues are not addressed satisfactorily by customer service?

A. You can send your complaints to if your issues are not addressed satisfactorily by customer service.


34.  How to use a condom? (Do you provide any video or instruction in our site?)

A. A detailed instruction about usage of condom is posted at our site under ‘how to use’ link. Customers can go through the instructions to get information about using a condom.

35. How can I select a condom?

A. Condoms come in a variety of shapes, colours, flavours, dotted, ribbed and with other effects. You can select the condom either by category or by brand. A detailed specification and information about condom is provided in our site which will help you to choose the right condom you need.

36. How can I know the difference between various types of condoms?

A. Our site has a variety of condoms based on brand and category. Each product has details about its physical profile. So, customers can select the condom of their choice based on brand and category and or by profile

37. What is a lubricant and how to use it with condom?

A. Lubricants are used to improve the experience of love making by preventing irritation and consequences related to irritation. Condoms are usually lubricated with silicone. Should the consumer want additional lubricant they can always use water based lubricants. For additional information read the instruction for use carefully.

38. How to dispose a condom?

A. For information read the instructions for use carefully.

39. Can Condoms be reused, especially Lovelight condoms?

A. No condoms should not be reused. Condoms are meant for single use only.

40. How to use lovelight condom?

A. The instructions on using lovelight condom is available at the site under ‘’How to use’’ link. There is also a pictogram printed on the instruction leaflet to help you with how to use Love Light condom.

41. Does storage of condom require any special place? How long can condoms be stored?

A. storage of condoms does not require any special place and can be stored at room temperature and away from heat, fire and direct sunlight. Condoms can be stored till their expiry date and should not be used after the expiry date. It is preferable to store the condoms in the container / box provided. 

42. Does condoms ensure 100% protection against pregnancy and STDs.

A. Condoms do not guarantee 100% protection against pregnancy and Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STD). If condoms are properly used it can help in reducing the chances of getting pregnant and STDs.

43. Does condom cause allergy to users?

A. A very small number of people are allergic to natural rubber latex or develop allergic reaction to natural rubber latex condoms. Those who are known allergic to condoms made of natural rubber latex should avoid using it. For further details it is preferable to consult doctor.


44. What is the purpose of ask expert?

A. Please note that our objective is not to provide medical advice. Ask Expert is a service which can assist / help by providing information about usage of condom and other information related to sexual healthcare. The advice on sexual healthcare is furnished by qualified people, doctors who are in our advisory panel. It is the responsibility of the users to evaluate the content or type of information provided before utilizing and no way can Bonne santé Healthcare be held responsible.

45. Can I use ask expert without registering in the site?

A. Customers are required to register at the site to use the Ask Expert service.

46. I am below 18 years, can I use ask expert to get information?

A.  You cannot use Ask Expert facility if you are under 18 years. Ask Expert can be used only after registering at the site and the minimum age requirement for registration is 18 years.

47. Within how many days would I get my reply from ask expert?

A. It depends upon the nature of the question. We will make our best efforts to answer your questions as soon as possible.

48. Can I get medical assistance from ask expert? If yes, how can I believe that the information provided by you is correct?

A. Ask Expert does not provide any medical advice to the customers. However, if users need medical advice, Ask Expert can suggest list of doctors whom they can consult provided the query is related to sexual healthcare. But we cannot be held responsible if the results are not satisfactory.

49. Who are the experts involved in answering customer questions?

A. The experts are qualified people including sexologists who are in our advisory panel provide answers to customer questions


50. How can I give feedback?

A. All registered customers can provide feedback by using the feedback tool. Alternatively they can call customer service at 04524231807, send email to  or chat online with the customer service and provide their feedback.

51. What is the objective of giving feedback?

A. Feedback is used to improve our performance, consequently helps in providing better service to the customers.  


52. What is chat?

A. There is an online facility available for registered users where customers can chat with the customer service and get required information.

53. At what time can I chat with the customer service?

A. Customers can chat with customer service from 9 am to 6 pm on all working days.


54. What is enquiry?

A. Any doubt related to product, usage, order, delivery, payment from the customer can be sent as enquiry to the customer service.


55. What is usage link and what information does it contain?

A. Usage link gives detailed information about the various aspects of condom products so that it forms an easy and quick reference for the customer. It has many useful links related to AVERT, YOUTHAIDS, Population services international, family planning, IPPF- International Planned Parenthood Federation, AIDS awareness group Delhi. Bonne Sante Healthcare is not responsible for the content provided in these links.


56. What is blog and what kind of messages we post?

A. Condomking blog is a controlled blog which can be used only by registered customers who can share and post their views about condoms and different topics related to condoms.


57. What is Facebook?

A. Facebook is a social networking site where registered customers are encouraged to interact with the website page and show their support as ‘’fans’’. It helps to provide powerful ways to generate awareness, connect with different customers and build relationship with the fan base in Facebook.



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